Chen Chen

Aka: (nerd)roychan

Hello, and welcome!

I am a first year CS master student at ShanghaiTech University. Back in 2018, I earned my bachelor's degree in computer science and technology also from ShanghaiTech.

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I'm a self-motivated computer systems newbie. Currently, I focus on various topics in file systems and data storage systems, including system software design based on hardware trends, efficient data storage system design and data structure optimizations.

I do not care if my research is relevant or not. What I treasure the most is the possibility of knowledge contributions to the community.

I'm also a member of LION (Laboratory of Parallel I/O and Data Science; the link is only available within the campus) supervised by Prof. Shu Yin.

See also: Our (probably-)weekly paper reading group, egarots.




#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
printf("%[email protected]%s", "i", "");
return 0;


music (type 1, type 2), simulation games, privacy matters